How to Book Your Yacht

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How to Book Your Yacht?

First Step: Establish your priorities. There are so many variables from the size and style of the yacht, to destination and budget.

Consider the following:

  • What are the dates/duration that you wish to charter a yacht for? You should have at least one alternative in mind.
  • What type of yacht do you want the charter? Sailing yacht, power yacht or catamaran?
  • How much do you have allotted for total budget?
  • How many people in the group? Adults? Children?  Keep in mind to include any staff.
  • How many separate cabins and beds?
  • Do you have an itinerary? Can it be flexible for any unexpected weather conditions?
  • What ports for embarkation and disembarkation? The size and speed of the yacht may be a consideration for different ports.
  • What types of on board events are you considering? Do you desire dockside entertaining for large party gatherings? This is easier in some locations than others.
  • Are you engaging in any sports on the charter? Access to equipment or storage of equipment needs to be considered.
  • Do any quests in your party have any physical limitations or dietary requirements?


rivercruises2This is a starting list to get you thinking in the right direction so that your charter can be designed to accommodate your needs and aspirations of a true luxury vacation. Call us at Ocean Charters at 1- 800-922-4833 now and we will tailor the precise vessel and destination for you.